Frequently Asked Questions

What is subject-specific training and transferable skills training?

Subject-specific training can take the form of seminars, colloquia, special lectures, summer and winter schools, etc. Transferable skills training refers to soft skills courses.

How can I register for the kick-off seminar?

Once the formal checks have taken place, you are a provisional member and can register for the kick-off seminar. The Registration starts 8 weeks before.

How do I enrol for a doctoral programme?

After your name has been added to the doctoral candidacy list, you may enrol. For further information, please see:

How do I submit confirmation of participation certificates?

If you are an automatic member, you will have an account on the DocGS system and can upload your certificates to the account. If you are a voluntary member, please collect your confirmation of participation certificates and submit them with your dissertation.

I am a voluntary member and wish to submit my dissertation. How do I do this?

Please request the compilation of a transcript of records in good time by sending an e-mail to You will receive a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and instructions on how to compile the transcript. Please return the completed list, together with scans of your confirmation of participation certificates. When it has been checked and the list is alright, you will receive confirmation that you can send the list to your supervisor for their signature. (The whole process can take 1-2 weeks.) Finally we will confirm your membership of the DocGS system and the Dean's Office will confirm that you have been enrolled in the doctoral candidacy list.
When that has taken place, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and you will then be able to arrange an appointment with the Doctoral Office. If you wish to end your voluntary membership, please send an e-mail to

Where can I get confirmation that I have been enrolled in the doctoral candidacy list?

If you are a voluntary member, you can request confirmation by sending an e-mail to Automatic members can download the confirmation at any time from the DocGS system.

I would like to go abroad to take part in a conference, a workshop, do research work, etc. What grant aid is available?

You can apply for an internationalisation voucher.
For information on other types of funding, please contact the Faculty Graduate Center Mechanical Engineering.

Supervisor Switch

Please write an informal letter about supervisor switch. This letter needs to be signed by your previous and new supervisor.

Please forward the letter to FGZ MW.

Termination of the doctoral candidacy

If you have decided to terminate your doctoral candidacy, we need an informal letter. This letter is to be signed by you and your supervisor.

Then you will be signed out from the doctoral candidacy list.

Switching of Graduate Centre

If you would like to switch graduate centres, please contact FGZ MW and the new graduate centre. The next steps will be coordinated among both graduate centres.

Faculty Change

If you have found a new supervisor at another faculty and would like to switch faculty, please submit an informal application to FGZ MW. The application must be signed by your previous and new supervisor.

Further coordination will be done by the graduate centres amongst themselves.

Name Change

If you have changed your name, please send a copy of the document confirming your name change and your changed e-mail address to

We will change your name on DocGS.

A change on TUMonline is NOT sufficient.